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Aspiring to achieve the best results is part of Quranic and Prophetic teachings. Within a short span, Rawdha has gone from strength to strength through the Grace of the Almighty together with the pious Duaas of the Muslims and the noble efforts of its staff, student and volunteers.

Rawdha strives to achieve excellence within the academic sphere and has designed its curriculum to this effect.

Rawdha is constantly exploring different avenues to enhance and further the education of the students. Along with providing the best of Islamic education, Rawdha strives to match this excellence in their secular education provision.

Rawdha also leads by example and encourages its students to work in the community bridging gaps between people of different cultures and backgrounds.

We constantly aspire to achieve more for the success of our students and community. We again thank the Almighty Allah, the Rawdha staff and students and the community for their unlimited effort & support. Furthermore, we ask our viewers to pray for Rawdha’s continued success in the future.

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