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FAQ’s For parents


What time does Jamiah start?

A. Your son must be in class for lessons by 8.15am and he will finish at 7:30pm. Non-residential students in year 7 may go home at 5:00pm.

Saturday classes finish at 12:30pm


Q. How can I contact Jamiah?

A. Call the office on (01254) 673105 or email us on


Q. How can I contact my son who stays at Jamia?

A. There is a student line and the telephone number is (01254) 262913.  Please do not call at lesson times.


Q. Does my son need to register with the local doctor?

A. If your son is residential, Jamia will register him with the local doctor when and if he falls ill. For this reason, we will need his Medical Card.


Q. When do I pay my son’s contributions?

A.  Contributions are payable in three installments throughout the year; the amounts and dates are mentioned on the annual school year ‘term dates’.


Q. What is the uniform for Jamia?

A. All students are expected to dress smartly according to Shariah.  It is compulsory that students have a white cap and a white Qurta. Students are permitted to wear a plain black sweater in class, but this should be plain and not have large motifs.


Q. I want to take my son on holiday.  Is this possible in term time?

A.  Parents should not organise lengthy holidays during term time as it has a detrimental effect on studies and sets a poor example.  All holidays in term time need prior permission from the principal.  The maximum time granted for absences during term time is a total of 10 days for the duration of the 5 years of school, though permission will not be given during Years 9, 10 and 11.  Any absence without prior permission from the principal may result in the student being removed from the school register.  All absences need to be accounted for with a note or a telephone call from home on the first day of each absence.


Q. Will my son be enrolled onto Hifz class?

A. Your son will be enrolled onto Nazra class to learn how to recite the Qur’an properly.  When and if this is to the required standard, he will be enrolled onto Hifz class.  We will determine whether his progress is sufficient to continue with Hifz.  If he is not able to cope with Hifz, the principal reserves the right to place your son in Aalim class rather than continue with Hifz.


Q. When will I receive reports about my son’s progress?

A. You will receive reports annually (and more often if student is struggling in studies); also, meetings with teachers can be arranged frequently.


Q. How often can my son come home (if he is residential)?

A. If you wish, you may take your son home each weekend (though he must leave after 12.00pm on Saturday and return by 6.00pm on Sunday).  From Year 8 onwards, he will be able to come home every 2nd weekend.  If he has a detention on Saturday, he must complete it before leaving for home on Saturday.


Q. Can my son have a mobile phone in Jamia?

A.  Day students are encouraged not to bring mobile phones to Jamia.  Any student who needs to bring a mobile phone to Jamia for an appropriate need, must register the phone to the office.

Residential student may bring a phone but must submit mobile phones to Jamia for safekeeping and will be given access to the phone at designated times and when required by your son.

Any student found to have a mobile phone without permission will have it confiscated and the phone will be returned to the parent.


Q. Can my son keep electrical items in Jamia?

A. Pupils are not permitted to have electrical equipment in bedrooms for health and safety reasons.  Students may use electrical equipment in designated rooms with the permission of Jamia. All electrical items must be registered and pat tested.


Q. How much spending money can my son keep with him (if he is residential)?

A. You may submit any amount of spending money to the bursar for safekeeping.  Your son is only permitted to keep a maximum of £7 on his person at any time.  The bursar is available to give out money on Friday evenings.

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