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Aims and Objectives

Rawdha aims to be established with the following aims and objectives:

To provide a high quality of Islamic education and training to degree level standard, commensurate with provision of sound academic and secular education, and vocational training to Advanced Level.

To serve the Islamic and the academic needs of the community, both locally and nationally, and to ensure that each of our students achieves their full potential enabling them to serve their communities effectively.

To teach and promote the Urdu and Arabic languages to a professional standard.

To ensure a high standard of higher Islamic Studies in the faculties of the Holy Quran, Hadith, Tafseer and Fiqh.

To train and nurture young Muslims on their social and religious conduct in light of Islamic principles.

To mould students into good citizens, with a sense of responsibility for their actions, and to encourage positive social participation within their community.

To promote the welfare of young Muslims and to give students a practical understanding of their religious and social rights and responsibilities in society.

To allow students to develop their spiritual and moral individuality and maturity so that they become true models of Islam, whilst respecting the individuality and spirituality of others.

To empower students with the necessary skills to play fully active roles within society without compromising their beliefs and principles.

To instil in pupils a consciousness of the need to enhance cohesion and mutual respect between different faith and cultural communities, and develop the skills with which this can be achieved.

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