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The Muslim & non-Muslim community is constantly in need of counselling and advise. We, at Rawdha believe it is the role of the institutes of all religion to counsel their followers with the correct advice and information. Therefore, in supporting the community at every opportunity we, the Rawdha take pride and gain pleasure, as servicing the community is our ultimate goal. We do not differentiate between groups and religions, instead like our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) we are open to advice all groups and followers with the best interests of the individual, Britain and the globe as a whole. This institute is made for the community and we will serve the community.

We are ready to advice on varying matters within our capacity; we may direct yourselves to appropriate institutes/organisations in some cases.

Our advisory panel can advise the English, Bangali, Pakistani, Gujrati and Arabic speaking audience. Obviously, our immediate concern are our students and alumnae who are constantly advised directly by the headteacher & other seniors. The headteacher has a very open relationship with the students; this benefits the students in taking advice at whatever given time, regarding whatever issue. We constantly advice the students and alumnae regarding further studying and further development.

Rawdha also likes to take a leading role in community cohesion and providing information on a local and national basis to the relevant associates. This can be understood by the different community works we get involved in.

We would like to thank the Almighty Allah for giving us the acceptance, further we thank the local, national & international community for their constant support and prayers for the success of the institute. May Almighty Allah grant all of us the correct understanding. Ameen.

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