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Pre 16


The curriculum of Rawdha recognises that all knowledge is sacred and worthy of pursuit and that learning is a lifelong tradition in Islam.   Rawdha’s curriculum is designed to foster thought, curiosity and a desire for learning in all students, regardless of their backgrounds, strengths and needs.  The curriculum should be a gateway to opportunity and a knowledge-based vibrant community in the United Kingdom and beyond.

Rawdha aims to:

  • Mould students into active British citizens, with a sense of responsibility for their actions.
  • Encourage students’ social participation within their community.
  • Provide a high quality of Islamic education and training to degree level standard with definite provision of sound academic and secular education, and vocational training, to Advanced Level.
  • Serve the Islamic and the academic needs of the Muslim community, both locally and nationally, and to ensure that each and every one of our students achieves their full potential.
  • Ensure professional standard of higher Islamic Studies in the following faculties:

1)    Faculty of Holy Quran

2)    Faculty of Hadith

3)    Faculty of Tafseer

4)    Faculty of Fiqh

5)    Faculty of Theology

  • Train and nurture young Muslims on their social and religious conduct.
  • Design and run courses tailor-made to meet the needs of University and College Students.
  • To promote the welfare of young Muslims and to give students a practical and more successful understanding of their religious and social rights and responsibilities in society.
  • To allow students to develop their spiritual and moral individuality so that they become true models of Islam, as well as respecting the individuality of others and other cultures and faiths.
  • To empower students with the necessary skills to integrate within society without endangering or compromising their beliefs and principles.

Rawdha provides the following 3 courses for pre 16 students:

  • Nazra & Hifdh
  • Aalimiyyah
  • Secular
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