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Students at the institute are constantly encouraged to improve their presentation skills in different areas, including oratory skills. Along with the constant guidance given during daily lessons, students deliver speeches on a weekly basis in-front of a teacher and an audience of students, though every student will deliver a talk every fortnight.

The speeches can be given in Arabic, English or Urdu language. Every student will give a speech in English the first week, and a Urdu speech after a fortnight. An Arabic speech is optional but storngly encouraged, and can be delivered in the English or the Urdu week.

The students have to adhere to certain rules when delivering the speeches. The talk must include Quraanic verses, Prophetic narrations with correct interpretation and relevance. The speeches must have a moral, spiritual or ethical dimension and constant relevance to contemporary issues is important, living as a Muslim in Britain will be implemented. Racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic or any other form of discriminatory language is not permitted.

Anjuman assessment

The speech is analysed and marked in terms of quality, the message protrayed, the use of language and the quality of delivery. All the students will deliver 16 speeches throughout the year, 4 per unit. These marks will be merged with the overall results of the unit (& year) as mentioned in the assessment strategy.

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