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Assessment strategy

Alim class assessment strategy

The Alim class is split into 8 years.

The first two years are based around learning the Urdu language along with learning the basics of Islam.

The following six years are based on learning Arabic language with the different Islamic sciences in detail.

The first two years are not compulsory for students who wish to complete the full Alim class. Therefore, their course will be a total of six years.

Method of assessment

The assessment strategy is very similar for all the classes.

All eight years will have are distributed into four units per year. All the units are of similar length, approximately 9 studying weeks each.

At the completion of each unit the students will have an exam for the designated books or subjects (mostly all the books). Each unit consists of 25%, hence the four units will make the total marks.

All the exams taken will be written exams.

In additional to the written exams there is an oratory assessment which is based on speeches the students give in the presence of teachers and are marked accordingly. These marks are regarded as one book and merged into the unit marks. The Urdu classes do not take part in the oratory assessment, also the final year (sixth year) of the Arabic class does not have an oratory assessement.

All the exams are of equal points, the average is taken and an overall percentage out of 25 is given for each unit.

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