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Daily Timetable

The following is the daily timetable (Mon to Fri) for non-residential students.

8:30am  – 12:20pm            Assembly, registration & School lessons 

12.30pm  – 1.00pm            Lunch

1.00pm  –  6.00pm            Madrasah lessons, self-study period & prayers 

6.00pm  – 7.00pm            Extra lessons for advanced classes (in Madrasah and school)

Note: The Saturday lessons will be from 8:30am to 11:45am

For a detailed breakdown of the timetable, please click here. Some minor changes maybe made to this timetable.

Also, these are the timings for the normal timetable, however, the ‘collapsed timetable’ timings will differ slightly. Please see term dates for the days with ‘collapsed timetable’. Students and parents will be informed of the timings on those days closer to the time. 



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