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Students will be introduced to welfare officers and senior students upon their admission.  A Boarder’s Leaflet will be given to pupils to familiarise themselves with the relevant practices at Rawdha and the facilities on offer.  This will include disciplinary, welfare, health and safety issues as well as advice on laundry and parental contact.

Below you will find a brief overview of Rawdha facilities for our students.


There are Self catering laundry facilities for students who may wish to use them.

Recreational Activities

There are facilities on site for playing outdoor and indoor sports and games. Rawdha encourages students to take part in the various extracurricular activities that take part routinely.

IT Facilities

Rawdha has computer suites that provide students with access to software and the internet for educational and research purposes. The computer room has more than 30 PC’s running a wide variety of software, ranging from general ‘office’ type applications to course specific software (transliteration etc.)

Library Facilities

Students and staff of the Institute benefit from the on site library, library which contains a variety of books.

Prayer Hall/Assembly Hall

Prayer Hall There is on site Prayer Hall for students and staff, open throughout majority of the day. An ablution area is conveniently located. The Prayer Hall can accommodate approximately 1000 people; hence can also be used as an assembly hall. Students can use this hall for their weekly Friday evening anjuman (speech, nasheed, creativity) presentations.

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